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Meet the hotel and restaurant Yaxactun

Yaxactun is a Prestige hotel located just 3 min. from downtown progress, 1 hour from downtown Merida, with an excellent location and view, as it is located one block from the beautiful Malecón and the beaches of Progreso.

Hotel y Restaurante Yaxactun
Hotel y Restaurante Yaxactun

In February 2014, the construction of an alternate 2.5-kilometer viaduct began, extending the functionality of the dock for another 50 years, a work that was completed and opened in early May 2017.

Hotel y restaurante Yaxactun


Hotel y restaurante Yaxactun


The service, the treatment of the employees is excellent. The breakfast buffet is very good.



The bed was super comfy, a good place close to everything, it was a very spacious room with many amenities, not a single problem except for the sheet which was a bit small but everything was excellent and of good quality.

-Melizza Andrea


The location and the attention of the staff.




Tour in Kayac through the mangroves and water eyes that are around the place, you can also take a boat trip, it has a small rest area, ideal if you like ecotourism.


Schedule; Monday to Sunday (8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.)
Distance: 6 km (12 minutes)

Hotel y Restaurante Yaxactun


To enter you must take a boat that will cross you through the mangroves.
The reserve has three cenotes and two shallow water eyes
In the surroundings there are rest areas and to live together.

Hours: Monday to Sunday
09 to 17 HRS (Visit)
09 to 17 HRS (Box Office)
Distance: 2.5 km (7 minutes)


Hotel y Restaurante Yaxactun


ATV tour to the Ex- Hacienda Misne Balam (Henequenera)
also known as "Ghost Town", driving on white roads and
mount until you reach the place; Once there, the place is explored on foot.

Schedule to the client's consideration
Duration of the tour 3 hours.
Distance: 24.7 km (33 Minutes)

Hotel y Restaurante Yaxactun


Phenomenon of waters that stain pink like “las coloradas” the salt mines was
rescued by a group of fishermen who decided to rescue the work of salt and area
relive the beautiful ponds that feed flamingos that surround it

Schedule: Everyday
Approximately of:
08 HRS TO 16 HRS

Distance: 250 km (2 h 58 min)



Hotel y Restaurante Yaxactun


As a result of Hurricane Gilberto in 1988, you can explore the lagoon that
I connect with the sea through a narrow mouth that remains open;
tour its lagoons, canals and at the same time observe the flora and fauna of the place
You can choose between Kayaks and Paddle Boards

Hours: Every day (by appointment)

Distance: 33.8 km (38 min)




Hotel y Restaurante Yaxactun


New space to enjoy, which has photographic points, with sharks, flamingos, a boat, containers with animal shapes, as well as the assembly of the whale landed in the port in 2016 and a carousel on the sand.

Hotel y Restaurante Yaxactun